Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thanks for the Jump Start

Wow...when I put out the plea for scriptures in my last post, I was overwhelmed! You guys are amazing. GOD is amazing. I had people posting that had never posted before and they asked God to give them just the verse I needed. Isn't that so cool?

I wrote all the references in my journal and then sat on my bed with my Bible and looked each one up. And SPOKE each one out loud. To say I was moved is an understatement.

Some things I was reminded of:
I don't need to be afraid
I am loved
God is blessing me
Nothing can separate me from God's love
GOD is my strength, I don't do this thing called life alone
He prays for me when I have no words
and on and on and on......

The other awesome thing that happened is how God used that blog post in the lives of others. I got several emails telling me how as they were reading that post they felt it was just for them! That's how God works. Using our struggles to help others. I love that, don't you?

So. Thank you!! Thank you for caring enough about me that you took the time to comment. Thank you for walking this journey with me. Thank you for praying for and with me.

Some exciting news to share.

David has met with his dad TWICE!!!

And I, who thought I might never drive again and for sure would never travel.....I am flying to Florida next week!! YAY GOD!

Once again, thanks for being such a huge part of the beauty from all these ashes.

You are loved,


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So excited for you...Have a wonderful time.

Kerrie said...

Happy for you (and proud, too)!

Laura said...

You'll be close! Been you my friend!


Debbie said...

Have an awesome time!!!

UL Cards Fan said...

WOW WOW and WOW !!!!
Please send me a "Florida" update, if you know what i mean!
Love, Lindy Lou

Sassy Granny ... said...

Ah yes ... the apparent & gracious hand of God upon a life! How gentle is He when moving us from stalled to enthralled.

Keep on keepin' on, girl.


De Anna Morris said...

You are indeed Blessed and Highly Favored of God...Such good news! Love and Hugs!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Your journey through life during the last few posts has been so interesting. It is a true example of how our Heavenly Father lovingly leads us through each and every day, when we see His Hand and direction and when we don't. I love how you sent out a plea and so many responded. I like how I see huge steps as in another trip to Florida for you. He promises to direct our ways, and He always comes through. I continue to remember you and your children as you face the future with a God who loves you so much.

Technonana said...

Your struggles are our struggles, My Pain is your Pain...Beloved Sister!! Oh Never let us cease to be amazed by Our Amazing God!!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

One~Love~One~God said...

I was moving from blog to blog today and came across yours. I am truly blessed after reading just a few of your blogs. Thank you for your persevering faith...God uses every one of use as a tool for the church body...and he has most certainly used you. Your perch" sits high up upon a hill...and your light shines for all to see. God has illuminated you..what a beautiful thing. Thank you- your sister in Christ