Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Okay, Okay, I Get It...

Do you have those times where God is practically beating you over the head trying to get you to understand something? You know, where a verse is repeated over and over, or you hear the same message from different places, or the same song. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Well, God has been doing that to me lately. I'm a little slow, but I think I'm getting it.

The theme is: who and what are you going to believe? I've been participating in a Bible study this summer by Kelly Minter. The title is No Other Gods. Usually I do a Bible study in my home with real live people. But this time I'm doing the study with my "imaginary friends" inside the computer. There are many women from all over the country that are going through this study "together".

Anyway, we're learning about idols and our false gods. And that false gods are all steeped in lies. Yesterday I was listing lies that I hear in my head. They are ugly and when I write them down, I think to myself "how could you even begin to believe those to be true"? God is so good to reveal Himself to me. By exposing those lies, I can then go back to what is Truth and tear down the lies. How freeing.

Satan has been feeding me the lie that God cannot restore my marriage and even if He could, it's not worth fighting for. When did I start believing that? If you've been with me for awhile, you know I've been convinced that God would bring beauty from ashes. I knew it in the very center of my being. But somehow, I let satan weasel his way into my mind and I started feasting on his lies. God can do ANYTHING and a marriage IS worth fighting for. I had committed to not speaking badly about my husband and I've found myself slipping into a pattern of letting some of that ugliness spew out of my mouth. No more!

So, back to the theme being repeated. I was listening to Beth Moore this morning teach on "What to do when you don't know what to do". The battle is the Lord's. Bring your complaints before God. I don't need to complain to everyone around me, I can tell on my husband to God. I will start praising God for what He is going to do because I know it's going to be amazing! I learned a long time ago that I behave the way I behave, because I believe what I believe. I choose today, to believe you God. And I'm going to behave like someone who believes. I may have to start over again tomorrow but your mercies are new every morning. Thank you for that.

This isn't just about believing God is going to restore my marriage or my family or my health. It's about simply believing God is who He says He is.

What lies are you believing? Stop believing them and take God at His word!!


tiggerdaisy said...

Girlfriend!!! What a post!!! You have inspired me to write down the list of lies I might be believing! THANKS!

Prayers and Blessings,

kayro said...

So many times we run on our feelings, letting them take control when we should be standing on Gods word.the only Truth. I'm so guilty of that. It takes me awhile to figure out why I'm feeling ways that I shouldn't, if I would just turn to God at the start I think I would save myself alot of misery. Enjoyed reading your blog. KLedbetter (aka kayro)

UL Cards Fan said...

OK Sheryl, Here I am getting teary eyed at work tonight after reading your wonderful post. God doesn't lie and you heard HIM say that He would bring beauty from ashes so I applaud you for BELIEVING GOD! I hope you also got rid of the LIE that you are not good enough to be a writer. You already ARE a writer and you have inspired so many of us with your encouraging and honest words. Here's to Believing God and defeating the Deceiver!!! LINDA

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You know I so connect with you on the issue of marriage being worth it, satan telling us God can't restore our marriages, etc. You pricked at my heart when you said satan was telling you that. I pray for you along with about five other women who have marital problems. Actually, you are the only one of us seven who is still married. Many of the husbands are with other women and one is even married. I'm believing with each one of you. Some of the women don't even know I'm praying for them and their marriages.

Did you read the Charlyne Cares devo for July 9th. It was Bob writing his vacation series. It is entitled "help wanted". It was SOOOO good. It gave me encouragement to continue to stand.

I'm assuming you get it via email. If not, email me and I'll forward it to you.

I love when Bob spoke of Jesus straigtening satan's rug.

Anyway, I guess I should've saved all that for email.

Keep the faith. Believe with all your heart. Believe God. Believe God for healing and for restoration. You never know what He may do based on our faith. Remember, He healed the bleeding woman by her faith.
Love to you,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, a lie that satan keeps trying to tell me...

other blogs are better than mine.
other blogs are more popular than mine.
other women are better writers than me.
i'm not in the 'popular' group in blogland.
i worry when regular visitors don't visit as often.

it seems to be a constant battle until someone comes and tells me something positive about what I wrote.

Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

It fries my brain that one of satan's very names is "father of lies," and yet we so easily believe him sometimes. Your comment about choosing to believe, even if you have to start over tomorrow resonates with me (and probably everyone who reads this post). And yes, thank God His mercies are new every morning. His business still involves healing and miracles, and I'm believing Him for both in your marriage and in your health situation.

Don't stop believin'!

Alene said...

I love this! I often say God uses a 2x4 on me before what I get He is trying to tell me. The more I listen to God the more I recognize satan truly as the father of lies. Thanks so much for sharing and reminding me of this great truth. Blessings!

Amrita said...

I really take inspiration from you.

My younger sister 's husband has given her a lot oif trouble and not once did she share.Its only hen things got out of hand she revealed things after a lot of coaxing.They are better but i ish she ould open heart to us.
Can anyone join this Bible study? If that is so then please send me the link

God bless you

Fran said...

Believing that God is Who He says He is!!!! Love it!!! And, that comes from a favorite Bible study of mine too! :)


Tammy Nischan said...

All I can say is,

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you,

Thank you for your constant prayers for Nick.

Jenn said...

Another great post! Very thought provoking!

Dancin' Wallflower said...

My friend,
I am blessed by our new friendship. I am so glad that God is working in your life. It's inspiring to keep up the good fight!! Thanks for taking the time also to visit my blog!!!
Your imaginary friend,
Kim (preacher Kim hahaha)

Kim said...

Amen are so right...we MUST take God at his word. (this is something I've been reminded of as well)

I'm daily lifting you and your precious family to the throne. God has amazing things in store for you...keep trusting, and believing.


Yolanda said...

AMEN Siesta!

Laura said...

This is Laura from the sista blog. Anyway, your blog really spoke to my heart last night and now I just had to tell you something that the LORD has revealed to me. I have been dealing with some issue that has hurt me deeply from a close family member. I have talked about it to MANY people and something that I was convicted about and knew it was sin was that I was talking and talking about it to everyone but GOD. So now I have made a decision to not talk about this because I am going to others to solve this issue instead of letting GOD take control. For me, it does no good to keep rehashing it over and over again. I have no idea what his plan is in all of this but what I do know is that GOD is on the throne and he will and has lead me all the way!!!
Love ya sister,

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sheryl,
I have seen God work so many times in restoring marriages, I have girlfriends who have been having marriage vows renewed after being seperated, or married their spouse once again. So there is hope sistah!! Yet in the mean time they tell me they did not sit around waiting for it to happen, instead they decided to put their whole focus on the Lord and asked the Lord not to change their husbands but to change them... Sheryl the Lord sees your heart, and he is there as the man in your life for such a time as this. Trust him through it all. You are a blessing my sistah I always enjoy reading your posts, so honest, and so real. Hugz Lorie

Nancy said...

Excellent words of wisdom! You are definitely on the right track and the Lord will bless your obedience.


De Anna Morris said...

Well, I had a very bad start to a not so wonderful day yesterday. It all started with miscommunication at the beginning of the day which led to an absurd discussion on who said what, etc. etc....
Anyway, from there my mind spiraled downward to all the negative thoughts of "he doesn't really care about me" "no one cares about me", and so on, you get the idea.

None of those thoughts are true, however, I had the hardest time getting over them. They are still lingering this morning, even though we resolved our conflict last night.

Thanks for your reminder to not believe the lies. I am dong the study too, love it/hate it at the same time, if you know what I mean.

Have a blessed day!

HIS Daughter said...

Girl, You are so hearing from HIM! Praise HIM!! It's about HIM, first and first!

It sounds simple, but when we get it, just like you are saying, it's like finding the lost key! Or the "pearl of great price"!
Blessings and prayers!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Sheryl - thanks for your comment today on my blog. I want you to know that I will be praying for you in this difficult time.

God bless!!

nancygrayce said...

You inspired me too! I need to be praising God for what He is going to do in my son's life. Thanks for your sweet encouragement. I'm praying God works mightily in your marriage! I think we are all guilty of listening to the big lie, and forgetting that the God who holds the universe in place with his Word, can hold us up too!

Susan said...

Hey Sheryl,

I'm BELIEVING GOD!! Yes, what liberating words those are. What a proclamation of HOPE and Faith!!

God is truly using you Sheryl to reach and touch so many.

I'm so blessed you are listening to God and being obedient to share with us all the many wonderful things He is teaching you these days.

You're not alone. We're all here cheering you on, and believing WITH YOU!!

Keep holding on,


Laura said...

Thanks for your email tonight. Just feel down, depressed, and alone. Isn't that a combination. I probably should have not gotten on the internet tonight but just wanted to connect.
Thanks for your prayers and friendship. Maybe things will look better tomorrow.
Love ya

Kellye aka Miss3H said...

Sheryl: I know I don't know you, but I just want to encourage you that God can change your marriage, you, your husband, and your life! My husband and I were on the rocks often for 5 years. I was ready to give up. So I gave it to God. I admitted that I could not change my husband or myself and only God could change our hearts. We have both changed so much in the past few months and we are truly a team again. We are falling in love all over again.

I think God is already changing your heart because you are open to the possibility of change and restoring your marriage.

Miracles happen! :) Keep praying, believing, and growing toward the Lord. I feel very blessed to have found your blog. I can really relate to you for some reason. Thanks for sharing your life and teaching us all a few good lessons.

Don't give up or let Satan whisper doubts to you. :)

Praying for change: Kellye aka Miss3H

Melinda said...

Oh the long-reaching effects of the NOGs study! :o)

It does really all boil down to "God is Who He says He is" and "God can do what He says He can do". Period. Do we believe Him because of that ALONE or do we pad our "belief" with our own expectations or skewed perspective?

He does promise beauty from ashes, and I've found that even in the midst of waiting for the "beauty" that I'm desiring, He is precious to provide all manner of beauty along the way. Amen?

Thanks for a great post and for popping over to my little place in cyber-space! So glad to have you there! And you'll be seeing me around here again, too - I see a few familiar faces in the crowd!

Love to you this day,

His Girl said...

I love that all it takes to kill satan's lies is to expose them to the Light!

I am enjoying reading your walk through this valley- I love that I can see you on this upward ascent. it's so encouraging. Praise Him!

Earthmommy said...

I was just in awe reading this post, because word for word it is EXACTLY what I have needed to hear lately. I am in a situation with my marriage where years of old patterns and financial struggles and family issues have worn us down and created bad habits in both of us, and lately its been really tempting to give up. I know that God can restore my marriage but I reached a point where I didn't want Him to. I too have believed so many lies over the years, I'm not good enough for this or that or whatever. It has robbed me of dreams but NO MORE! Thank you so much for touching my heart today!!

Jill said...

thank you thank you thank you for this post!!!!!!!!!!

i am so sick of the lies, and knowing that i have listened to them too.

I choose to believe God also.

its what i desire so badly, yet sometimes seems so out of reach for me.