Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Show Me

I get to start a new Bible study this morning. I never thought I would get to go back after I became ill...I am sooo excited. We are studying the book of Isaiah for the entire year. If you have been around here long, you know that is my favorite book in the entire Bible.

For now would you just listen to the words of this song. Trust me there is a correlation between the song and starting Bible study. I'll be back to share my heart on another day.

Off to see the beauty in God's Word this morning,


Debbie said...

Well I do believe that you will be doing BSF. As will I and I am nervous crazy as that sounds. I took a three year break from "organized bible study" because I was just plain burned out. But now I am dipping my toe back into BSF after a 20 year absence. I am excited and scared and just a ridiculous mass of seething insecurities.

nancygrayce said...

Our new Bible study is on Jeremiah.

Erin said...

I really, really love Audrey's music. All of it.

Can't wait to se what you learn from the Bible study :-)

ShEiLa said...

Pretty song... enjoy bible study. I am glad your health issues are allowing you more freedom.


Courtney said...

I've missed you, friend... I hope all is well. Love you.

De Anna Morris said...

Oh, Sheryl...
This song is my song...(I know...it is yours too...)
This prayer is the most fearful on to pray and believe and mean from the heart because it is so very ...surrendering...but the one He is waiting on.
Thank you for this. Today. At this time. What a blessing.

I plan to down load this and other tunes by this artist. And "die" so that I may live...

Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful! My sister's doing BSF, too. She shared her material with me this week, and it looks so meaty, so timely. I'm thinking you're in for a huge blessing.

I love it that you're moving forward in such a determined way.


Samantha said...

i'm so happy for you!!!

btw, you have the best taste in music.

lauren anne said...

I do love Isaiah. A very powerful book.

Susan said...

Hi Sheryl,

I've been remiss in blogging lately. My art has kept me pretty busy. Thanks for your sweet comment. Just e-mail me if you want something. I can get it to ya, girl!

Jackie said...

Hey Sheryl!

How are you doing??? I've been soooo out of the bloggy loop for many months now. My mom has had two strokes, sold our house and moved and I've had surgery and in physical therapy so my posts have been hit or miss and just a little blog visiting! Still trying to get caught up with things now....whewww!!

Excited for you about the bible study! I LOVE Isaiah, too! So much meat there!!

Blessed by the video....beautiful words!!


Hugs and Sweet Blessings!
Jackie : ))

Laura said...

This is my one of my favorite songs right now. That's been my prayer lately - "show me how to die"

Can't wait to hear how it relates to your Bible study.