Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Boy

I first wrote this post on August 17, 2009...I am reposting it and asking you to pray.

This boy...
chosen by God
marked for a purpose

why and when will he know

"Don't we all have a purpose"?
"I don't"
Oh yes son, you do!!

This boy...
with a heart toward God
yet a heart overcome with fear.

A heart filled with sadness
Feeling unworthy

"I pray but
He doesn't hear me
He doesn't bless me"

This boy
wonders what he did.
How do you tell him that he did nothing.

Wondering why his dad left
why is his mom sick
why can't he do better in school

No answers.

But this I know.

This boy...
is loved!

This boy...

This boy
may not feel blessed
but he IS a blessing.

This boy will be used by God.

He will have a story.

He will reach out.

This boy...
how I love him.

Thank you God, for entrusting him to me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Show Me

I get to start a new Bible study this morning. I never thought I would get to go back after I became ill...I am sooo excited. We are studying the book of Isaiah for the entire year. If you have been around here long, you know that is my favorite book in the entire Bible.

For now would you just listen to the words of this song. Trust me there is a correlation between the song and starting Bible study. I'll be back to share my heart on another day.

Off to see the beauty in God's Word this morning,