Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Bigger

Remember this blog is a place for me to record what God is doing so that I will never forget. If you're tagging along on this journey with me - thank you! I need to record more of what could not have been if hadn't become sick. For me, I need to see reasons for the suffering. God doesn't always allow us to see it but He has been so kind to let me see purpose in this illness of mine.

As I have said many times before, I would never have started a blog, never spent time online, never really saw the bigger picture of "the church". Boy has God opened my eyes.What an amazing privilege it has been to get to know so many of you. I have not laid my eyes on one of you (oh except the few of you that I know in real life) and yet I feel as if I really do know you. Your lives have inspired me. Your love of the Savior has spurred me on to want to love Him more. The way many of you have walked through deep pain and loss has taught me how to cling to God. You've shown me how to really trust. How amazing of God to bring people together this way.

God also has put some very unlikely people into my life. People that in my "normal" life I would have passed by. They did not fit my mold. I can be one to make snap judgments about people. "Nope, she is not like me." She and I have nothing in common." "Her shoes aren't cute!" Yes, I said "her shoes aren't cute", that actually mattered to me. (might still a little bit) Anyway, I have grown to love some "unlikelys" in my life.

I want to tell you about one of them. Her name is Vicky. I met her on a Christian forum. When she would post her responses I could not read them because of the misspelled words. I did not take the time to try to figure out what they said. I judged that maybe it wasn't worth reading. THEN God brought her into chat one night about the Bible study we were doing. She was up front about her learning disability and the fact that she could not spell. SLAP! And this woman...oh does she have a story to tell. She is one of the brightest, sweetest, grace filled people I have ever had the honor to call my friend. A life of pain and heartache that would have made most bitter has become a life that wants nothing more than to bring glory to God and happiness to those around her.

We matter in the lives of others. What we say, words we speak over them, they matter!! We are all a part of the body of Christ. We may look different, sound different, go to different churches but we are all part of one body! Oh I am so glad that the Lord saw fit to keep me home so that I could see outside my box and truly understand what it means to mean be part of something bigger. This journey of ours is far from over. Thanks for letting me in on your lives and thanks for taking an interest in mine.

Just more beauty...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Homey no it does not upset me.Its so much the truth.Its where i came form & am today.God didnt let me get bitter, you have helped me in so many ways,you have no idea what all you have done, you help me when I needed it & dont get upset if you have to help me more than once for the same are my Angel God sent me.Just wished we lived closer by. God bless you Vicky ps if you read my post & it needs correcting & you can do it pleaase do it for me.Makes me look good lol.They think i know aht I am

A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hi Sheryl-

Unexpected friendship and lives forever-ever altered. We just never know what Our God is up to - the beauty of walking in anticipation of the Great God.

Keep typing away Vicky!!!


Sharon said...

My sweet,sweet friend!! None of us are perfect, this is what our precious Lord created, isn't that awesome!! If we were all perfect what a boring world we would live in!! Amen. Yes sometimes our flesh gets in the way and we start to judge~~~we know we are not too, right~~ but yes that ugly flesh. But those of us that love our Lord Jesus Christ will have heart in our neighbor.
Love the post!!
Hugggsss to you my friend my inperfect friend!!!! :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is so beautiful and precious, Sheryl, just like you. You have such a grateful heart, which is powerful, considering you could become bitter with your circumstances. I'm always glued to every word you say.

That is just awesome about Vicky. I think we are prejudge others as to who we "think" will match with us in friendship. But, God, oh does God know what He is doing and what friends we need.

This was a blessing and such a great reminder to be more open to others and more cautious in those hidden judgements. Kind of like I mentioned on my last post...we can have expections and conditions on all our relationships without knowing it until we are tested.
Love ya,

Jenn said...

Thanks for the honesty. It is so easy for us to snub others for the simple reason that something about them rubs us the wrong way. But as you stated we could be missing out on a great friendship or a chance to witness for the Lord.
Great post!

Amy~Saved by Grace said...

You are so sweet. I love to read your post because they are just so real.They are so inspiring for me and encourage me alot.

Kim in NC said...

Hey Sheryl,

So proud of you for this post!

Not easy admitting ugly truths, but so needed in the refining process.

It's good to be learning these things right along with you/from you.


Cheryl said...


Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes we (I) judge people too quick, instead of taking the time to get to know someone. I'm sure I've missed out on a lot of things that would have blessed my socks off.

Striving to do better!


Kimberly said...


Like I said, love your honesty-even if I don't ask for it sometimes-ha! And, don't be too hard on yourself, we all have the flaw of judgement sometimes.

Love ya bunches,

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful message!

Yes, I also find myself judging others too quickly at times.

I am so happy that God has put you in my life. Happy that he brought us together through your blog.

Denise in TX

PS Vicky, I can read your post just fine. Keep on writing in your own way. We can find the message within.

Luanne said...

Hanging on to gratitude and thanksgiving in the middle of a tumultuous time is one of the greatest ways we can glorify God in an unbelieving world.

That is exactly what you are doing!

God Bless!


Caren said...

So, you've not laid eyes on one of us? I know... you need another picture!

Debbie said...

Well said, my friend.

Love and Blessings, Debbie in Tennessee

Cindy said...

Isn't the family of God awesome. We are all so different and going through such separate walks yet God see's fit to bring us together from all across the world to minister to each other.

Thank you for posting such a sweet and thought provoking story.


Technonana said...

Thanks Sheryl for this beautiful post!!! Women from all walks of life, with one thing in common.
He said we were to bear one another's burdens!!!
It sure makes them easier to carry when we can bare our hearts and souls to our sisters, and know they will recieve it, and respond in Love!! Christ Love..
Love You, Sister!!

Sheryl said...

Sheryl! I love your blog. I'm so glad we are friends too. We would have never met had it not been for this cyberspace.

Well, I really stopped by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Have a great one!

Technonana said...

Hey Sweetie... I'm passing on some awards to you... come over and grab them.

Tiffany Stuart said...

I love reading how God is working through the blogs and bringing unexpected people together for deeper reasons. He is able. And He is good.

Thank you for sharing your heart.

Joyfulsister said...

We are all like gems in a heavenly crown. The Lord uses us in all different ways to be a blessing to one we may not be all great writers, spellers, or even editors, but we all write from the heart and when we read each from the heart, the Lord allows us to be blessed in ways we could never imagine. My journey has been awesome as well as I blog, what wonderful friendships have bloomed in my garden of life.

Hugz Lorie

UL Cards Fan said...

Beautiful post Sheryl.
The honesty we share and the love of each other made possible through our shared love of Christ is what makes this forum "SOMETHING BIGGER".


Dancing Wallflower said...

Sheryl--Great post! I am glad that you let the Holy Spirit lead you to write such words that are needed today. We all get consumed with such issues that we forget the main one--Thanks for reminding me today of God's love toward me--with all my bumps and warts!!
I love ya to the stars and back!!!

Joanne said...

Oh friend, what a beautiful post!

His Girl said...

man i love reading your posts i get something new all the time :)

DeeDee said...

Hi Sheryl-

So glad I read this post! I knew we were destined to be sisters when I read your comment about cute shoes! Keep sharing. It inspires the rest of us whose lives have been impacted by disease and illness.