Friday, October 31, 2008

Worthy of Praise

God is worthy of my praise. Period! He is worthy of it. Not because He answers one way or another. Not because He gives what I ask. Not because of anything except because of who He is. I had decided that no matter the test results of my biopsies, I would praise Him. He does not change just because my circumstances do. He is the same God that I praised yesterday and I would continue to praise Him.

However...the biopsies are BENIGN!! I sobbed. Not sure that it was relief, gratitude or just what caused the tears. But this I do know. God will use this, it will not be a wasted experience. He has already used it. Because of the impending tests, Don stopped the divorce and decided it would be best if we just remained legally separated. This way there would be no issues with my health insurance. He is not intending to ever get back together, but we don't know what God is up to in this!! My heart had become hardened toward Don. I was not praying for him or for the restoration of our marriage. I miss him right now though. Wish he was here with me to celebrate God's faithfulness.

If we don't think God is in control of ALL circumstances...let me just tell you how it went when I got the phone call from the doctor today. My phone rang, it was Don (hubby) calling to see how I was doing and if I had heard anything. The other line beeps in and I can see it is the doctor. So I tell Don that I will call him back and let him know. Of course, after I hear the great news I knew I had to call Don right away because he would be sitting there wondering. So even though our marriage is "over", God still made it so that my husband would be the first to know. Isn't that just so like God?

Thank you all for your prayers. They were physically felt by me. God is still holding me in His refiner's fire and bringing beauty from the ashes. YOU are part of that beauty.


ckuretich said...

Oh SHERYL!!! HALLELUJAH for this NEWS!!!!!! what a blessing! what a miracle. how amazing. I know what you're feeling, I can relate to every jolt of exhuberance and relief... :) Enjoy it, praise our God, recognize His provisions and goodness (as you already are)...this is all we can do! What a wonderful wonderful piece of news.

Melinda said...

Praise God!!

Such good news and such a precious picture of how God can use any and everything to show us His goodness, His trustworthiness, His tenderness.

Bless you Sheryl,

Sheryl said...


God is truly faithful! Thank you FATHER for answering my small prayer (and the prayers of so many others).


De Anna Morris said...

Makes me want to break out with "Awesome God"...the Kirk Franklin version!

Thanks for sharing! Praising God with you today!

Laura said...

I have been praying all day.
You have been on my heart today and I am so glad that the news was good. God is good all the time.
Still praying for you.
Love ya,

R.L.Scovens said...

God is good!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, how thankful I am for your results! I feel like Don wanting to know and stopping the divorce has to mean that he cares. Like you said, who knows what God has in store.

gitz said...

I'm so happy and relieved for you!

Tonya said...


I'm SO HAPPY to hear that you got such AMAZING news!!! Yes, our GOD is SOOOOO GOOD! You know, HE may be keeping your hubby just close enough to see something in you. Something different.. something he longs for. I'll be praying for YOU and GOD'S WILL for your marriage

I also wanted to say THANKS for celebrating Brent's birthday with us.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

SHERYL!!!!! I'm rejoicing with you girlfriend...AND...I'm doing a Hallelujah dance. :-)

Keep praying....keep seeking...and keep believing...God IS up to something....and I'm joining you in prayer....looking with anticipation for what God is going to do!!!

Cindy said...

Praising the Lord with you Sheryl.
Not only for the test results but also because God is in the miracle business! I am believing with you that God can do the impossible.

Blessings, Cindy

Becca and Dee said...

God is so amazing! Look at how He loves us so! You're in my prayers always.

Love you, Becca

A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Wow. It is indeed like our God. I am soooo happy to hear such wonderful news. All praise, honor, and glory to the One and only One.

Celebrate and praise your Saviour with reckless abandon.


Amrita said...

Thrilled with that news. Praise the Lord

Amy~Saved by Grace said...

Praising Him with you Sheryl. That is wonderful how God had it all planned out for you to be on the phone with Don when the Dr called and that Don would be the first you shared the news with.
He always has our best plan for our lives at heart even when we dont think so.

Anonymous said...


Praise God! And the news about your husband is nothing short of amazing. He is showing how much he really does still care for you.

Enjoy your weekend!

Denise in TX

Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! This is such WONDERFUL news.

Rejoicing with you today!

Vikki said...

Praise God!!!!! so happy to hear that. His ways certainly are mysterious :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing your praises! Count it all joy...

Anonymous said...

O cried I was with my sis in line for herto vote.She said whats wrong I was saying PTL PTL shes ok sis said who I told her who thanks for calling me you are very speacil. I am so happy I just so happy for you. God bless Vicky

iteachpe said...

Rejoicing with you! And love your attitude. So glad He heard and answered our prayers. Always nice to hear a praise report!

Technonana said...

Sheryl.. that is such great news!!! I know you are so very releaved!!! Yes, Yes,Yes, our Lord is most Worthy to be praised!!!
Prayer is indeed a powerful thing!!!
Love you!

Luanne said...

Glad you are celebrating a good report! God is good--no matter what. God bless

Susan said...

Oh WOW!!!!

What great news!!

So excited to read this awesome report Sheryl.

Rejoicing estatically with you♥

PS I knew your testimony would not of been any different if you did not recieve this report.

Susan said...


I'm soooo thankful! This is wonderful news. God is in control and he loves you so much.

Susan (Lila)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

My heart rejoices with you Sheryl. What wonderful news about the biopsy. You have such a wonderful attitude to praise regardless of the outcome.

I'm over-the-top excited about how this test has played out in your marriage. Regardless of what Don says about never reconciling, he stopped the divorce. That is a wonderful thing. Remember, Bob Steinkamp said he'd never return to Charylne and that was 20 years ago that he did. This is wonderful news. I would guess that the hardening of your heart for a time may be for the protection of your heart. I know if my heart would be hardened it would seem that my marital whoas would feel less painful to my heart.

Praise the Lord, sweet one.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Wow, I am just learning about your life. I am praising God with you. I am touched by your transparency.

I look forward to watching God continues to work.

Praising HIM. Because HE IS...

Jenny said...

Hi Sheryl, I haven't dropped by in awhile but as soon as my feet hit the floor this morning I thought of you! For the last couple of days I have been feeling dizzy. Yesterday I ended up at a doctor's office so for $139 he could tell me I was dizzy! He called it a fancy name, vertigo, but still.

Anyway, I thought of you and just wanted to tell you that I prayed for you today, because I can now imagine a little how hard this would be to deal with for a long time.

I'm so glad your test turned out to be quickier than you thought and you had great news!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Just wanted to stop by again as I just read your comment on Cindy's blog (Consider it all joy). Now I understand why you've not been commenting on my blog. I thought maybe you had not been visiting but from what you told her you don't usually comment on posts of studies in which you are not participating.

I'm glad to know that.

Joni said...

So glad to hear your wonderful report! You are right, we don't always know what God has in store. We should never rely on our short-sighted view but always ALWAYS trust God.

Cheryl said...

I'm thrilled to hear your great results. He is worthy of all praise. Loved the comment you left for me. Thank you.

Though at this time it does not appear you will get back with Don, ultimately God is in control. I've seen many a time where hearts were changed.

Praying God's will.

Love you much!


Joanne said...

Praise God!!!

God is good ALL THE TIME.

Oh friend, sit on this mountaintop for as long as you possibly can.

Vikki said...

I just wanted to say that I love to see your beautiful smiling face when you comment on my blog. thanks :)