Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Inspire Me

Although I hadn't planned on writing any more posts before Christmas, I feel drawn here. Who knows, maybe this won't be something that I push the publish button on, but I am "obeying" the pull. I really felt like I wanted the last post to be one where I give back to all of you. By asking for your prayer requests and faithfully praying for you. That is still on my heart, so if you haven't already done so, please leave your request on my previous post. I do believe that God is going to perform many miracles this Christmas. I am believing it!!

Today I have been overwhelmed by the blogging world. This is not a place I ever saw myself being. Who would "make friends" and share their souls with people they do not even know. Certainly not me!! Well here I am, some 10 months after beginning this blog and I don't know what I do without all of you. Many of you have become some of my dearest friends. I truly mean that. You have walked with me through one of the darkest times of my life. Without your prayers, comments, love, support and encouragement, I do not know where I'd be.

One of my "blogging buddies", Robynn , went home to be with Jesus today. I have cried like I really knew her. The thing is...because of her willingness to share her journey, I feel like I really did know her. She became ill in February. That's the same month that Don left. Through her fight to stay alive I have learned to be grateful for whatever sense of "normal" I may have in my day. I embrace the things that I am able to do and try not to focus on what my illness has robbed me of.

Then there is the joy that I share with another "blogging buddy", Courtney. She won an amazing camera in a contest! I am thrilled for her. You may wonder how I can talk about someone who lost their life and someone winning a camera in the same post. Well, here's the deal...Courtney has been dealt more than her share of tragedy in life. However, she faces life with such zest, such an attitude of joy. She knows how her Heavenly Father has blessed even though He has allowed some heartbreak. Yet she trusts and points others to Him.

There are those of you who have emailed me and shared your heartaches. Shared your words of encouragement at just the right time. Sent me links to sites you felt would help me. You've prayed for my children as if you know them. You are believing with me for my marriage and for my physical healing. Who would have known what God was up to when He started connecting people through the internet in such a unique way. Who would have thought that I could feel so deeply for those I may never lay eyes on this side of heaven.

I am overwhelmed with emotion today. There are miracles happening in my life that I am still keeping close to my heart (for now). But you know that when I feel led to share them, you will be the first to know. Please know that this comes from the deepest place in my soul today...I love and appreciate you all more than words could ever convey.

You inspire me!


Courtney said...

Hey, bloggy bud. Thank you from the deepest corners of my heart for your sweet words. How lucky are we to have found each other in this strange new world of blogging? God sure does have this all figured out. :)

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend, Sheryl. Lifting you and her family up in prayer...


Laura said...


Wow. I am new to this blogging world too and I never thought that I would ever have friends on here. Boy have I been proven wrong. So many have encouraged me and been there to pray and that is so special.
Your friendship to me is so special. I am so undeserving of it but I thank the LORD that he brought us all together. This is for his glory. I am so glad to have you and so many more along for the ride!
What Satan may want for our harm through our struggles, GOD is using for his glory!
I know that through my blog, GOD has called me to reach out and be honest about my journey and life experiences. My journey is not the same as you, cause I have never been married, and so on but the bond that holds us all together is found thorough Jesus Christ.
I look forward to the coming year of the awesome things that he has in store for us. Getting to know more of my blogging friends and growing closer to GOD and each other. How great is our GOD.
I love you, siesta!


Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...


Such a moving post. You are an inspiration to us all. If I may speak for myself - you are a blessings thousand of miles a way. Always have an encouraging and pressing us on...

I am so sorry about the loss of your blogging friend. May she rest in the arms of her Savior.

Funny thing - I just visited teh LPM blog and you know Beth can write a book when she blogs - that's all she had to say today

"Luke 1:45 -"Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!"

Believe Him. by Beth Moore.

And so, I am in agreement with you that 'I do believe that God is going to perform many miracles this Christmas. I am believing it'. I choose to believe it.

Thank you for your sweet words on my blog.

Love you dearly.


Michelle said...

First of all, I want to say I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

This post has reinforced what I believe about blogging, too. Who could have imagined the genuine friends one can make through it? I couldn't at first either!

Like you, I am so thankful for the blogging friendships I've made. It's been a pleasure to meet you, Sheryl :)

Have a wonderful evening!


Technonana said...

Hey Sweet Sheryl, it's been awhile since I stopped by... it's all the Christmas Stuff you know..
I am so sorry to hear about your friend!! I will be praying for peace and comfort for you and her family.
You mentioned miracles and I just wanted to tell you to check out Karen's blog, she hasn't posted since Oct. but there is exciting news in her life. When you read her blog you will understand!!
Thank you, My Sister for praying for her. God has answered and blessed her with a very special young man.
Merry Christmas, and may the Lord of Heaven and earth bless you richly for who you are!!

UL Cards Fan said...

Dear Sheryl,

Thank you for this beautiful post.
I believe the reason this community means so much is because we do share from places deep in our souls.

Much love to you,

Linda (one of your SOUL sisters)

Anonymous said...

Sheryl, when I read your post and saw Robyns name my heart sunk. I to have been following Robyns blog for some months now but had not been there since around Thanksgiving time. I went there tonight and the tears fell. My heart just breaks for her children. I know all to well what a child goes through when it looses its mother. Sad, be comforted though her battle is finished and her pain is gone.

Anonymous said...

my google password is screwed up so I have to post anonymous
:o)....... grammyshouse-susan

Susan said...


You may not have a "paying job" right now, but you are a minister. Thank you for your prayers.

Love, Susan

Jenn said...

What a beautiful post! I can only begin to imagine how many people you must inspire. The first time I read your blog I was so deeply touched. I don't even know how I found you blog. I stumbled upon it accidentally. Or so I thought! I do believe it was God's guiding hand that brought me here. I have learned so much from your openess and honesty.
Keep writing! You are touching so many hearts and lives!

Anonymous said...

I feel modre outstanding things are going to happne for you then you know, you are going to e blessed a lot morde than you know.There are no words I can say thta I think God for getting to know you.God bless love seister in Christ vicky

Jill said...

thank you for being you Sheryl,
and for sharing yourself with all of us, your struggles, your joys, your love for Jesus!

you are such an encouragement and inspiration to me ;)

you've reminded me to thank God for the moments of "normal" He gives each and every day, even in the midst of great struggles.

you are such a sweet blessing!!!

love you

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a precious post. You truly are an amazing person. You have such a grateful heart amidst your many trials. You inspire me, Sheryl. You are so positive and look at the good in circumstances.

I pray you have a Christmas as special as you are.

Though we've not emailed each other lately, you continue to be in my prayers (your healing, marriage, children).


Becoming Me said...

THis post really touched my heart...the blogging community is so special

Ruthie said...

Thank you for articulating my heart. The blogging community is a special group of people. I feel that God has given me a whole new set of friend; people to walk beside me, carry me some days, laugh with me, celebrate, cry with me, remind me of God's goodness. Thank you for being one of those people. Love, Ruthie

Ang baylis said...


Those are the only words I could find after reading this post.
Merry Christmas, dear blogging friend!
Angie xoxo

Joyful said...

Sheryl, the Lord does give us amazing friends - and He's so creative in the ways that He plans for us to 'meet'. Some of my very best friends are in blogland too!

I haven't been around to 'visit' many of these friends lately, but they are still in my heart and prayers.

May His presence be your best present this Christmas,

Judy said...

I would never have guessed that I would enjoy the blogging world, either. I do look forward to reading each of your posts. You have a way of sharing your heart, that pulls me right in to hear what you have to say. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!1

nancygrayce said...

I pray that many miracles come to you this Christmas! You are a precious friend and it is a privilege to pray for and with you!

Merry, merry Christmas

Anonymous said...


I am sorry about the loss of your friend, Robynn. I went on over to her blog and was very inspired by her story.

I hope that 2009 will bring answered prayers your way. I feel that God has something very special in store for you.

Denise in TX

Debra said...


I've come to wish you a very merry Christmas.

May God richly bless you, my sweet sister!

-stephanie- said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I went over to her blog and could see that not only was she a beautiful woman outside, but also inside. I grieve for her family.
Praying for you and your family.

Susan/GrammysHouse said...

I pray the miricle of the first Christmas will ring true in your heart this Christmas. Hang on sister, the Lord is comming soon!
He is not slow and He will not be late.
Merry Christmas
Thank you for the new frindship

Kimberly said...


Don't really know you from the blogging community but just wanted you to know that YOU inspire me! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, the best one ever!

Love ya much,

Pam said...

I know just what you are saying here... Have a very Merry Christmas cheryl...

Amrita said...

You are a very special friend.
Merry Christmas to you

Tammy said...

Thank you for sharing you life and heart.

Merry Christmas,

Beverly said...

It is an amazing place where we can learn and love friends from afar...this blogging world. I'm so thankful that you have been placed in my life through this unique new world that we live in.

Yolanda said...

I am so excited, Sheryl, to be memorizing scripture with you. It's been awhile, but I was thrilled to see your comment on the LPM blog this evening.