Monday, February 9, 2009

100th Post. Woohoo!!! AND more Q & A...

One hundred posts. Hard for me to believe that I've actually put myself out there that many times. You guys have been so wonderful to me. So, to pay you back I am going to make you endure yet another question and answer post. I know, who would have thought it would have taken this long to answer them all. And just to break it to you, this is not the last of them. I am excited to make my donation to the Mossy Foot Project on my blogaversary, so if you haven't yet posted a question on the give away post, please do so. Okay, on with the questions...

I know this last year has been very stressful for you. But what was your favorite thing that happened during that time?

This is easy. By far my favorite thing that happened is how God used this laptop to do great things in my life. Both through the blogging world and allowing me to facilitate a Christian forum. We are in the process of doing our third Bible study together. Never would I have imagined that women from all over the country could get together on the computer and form life long friendships. That has happened through the blogosphere and the forum. I have loved every minute of it. One of the many reasons that I am grateful that God allowed my illness in June 2007.

My question is...are you going through menopause yet? Any symptoms? Hot flashes, night sweats, all that other fun stuff. C'mon, join us other 40 somethings and fess up. I'm not really dying to know this, just thought I'd throw you for a loop. You're getting some deep questions.

Is she funny or what? I was grateful for another "non deep" question. Even though you really don't want to know I am going to answer anyway. In 2005 I had to have a hysterectomy because of what they thought could possibly be cancer. Thank God it proved to be benign. However, they left my ovaries (aren't you so glad to know all this) SO...someday I will get to enjoy all the joys of menopause, but not yet!!

What makes you the happiest, what makes you the saddest.

Tough question for me to answer. There are two things that make me really happy. One being when someone who has been in bondage to satan's lies finds freedom. When they realize they are not alone and it's okay to share their "junk". Oh I love to watch that happen. The other thing would be just dying laughing with my kids. We are all super funny (and super modest). Saddest...has to be seeing my kids sad. When they cry, have broken hearts, it feels like mine is being torn right out along with theirs. I also cannot stand to see the less fortunate passed over.

What's your quiet time routine like, do you have a cup of coffee, or tea, or do you just snuggle down with your Bible and a blanket?

Easy... I have NO routine. I do not have "quiet time" any more. That is something that I used to do on a daily basis. But not any more. Definitely still spend time with God throughout the day, but there's no routine to it. a question...what is your favorite "relaxing" activity?

Hmmm...I am pretty good at relaxing. I've got that down to a science. Love a good book, love a hot bath, love being with friends and laughing and no, not at the same time.

What is your favorite childhood memory, and what is your favorite memory of your children's lives so far?

This really has me thinking because I do not have an answer for either part of it. That bothers me. This is something I am going to work on. Thanks for asking it because it is going to cause me to reflect.

What are 10 random favorite things? (No people included--they are people, not things!!!)

Lila (my laptop)
DQ Blizzards with Heath and Butterfinger, no chocolate syrup
My mom's Bible
A clean home
Good music
Hair products

1. Live, prime-time, televised concert. You were the honored guest. Had an on-stage seat, so no texting, only singing and toe-tapping. Who would you choose? Wait, you then have dinner with them, just a cozy, little affair. (Not really an affair, know what I mean.) Barry Manilow or Liberace?

2. Front teeth that come down to your chin but the best personality ever - or - to be a cute, talented, little thing but always feel like you are about to fall? Wait, what am I thinking?

Chin teeth or the cutest girl in the county but an odor that makes everyone gag in your wake? (can't file your teeth and no perfume covers the odor.) What would you rather have?

Okay, I have to tell you. This came from one of my IRL (in real life) friends. And I had to post it because she wants everyone to know that she is the funniest person on earth. At least she thinks so. I am sure she spent hours and hours working on this so that you all would burst out laughing! Here's the deal...I cannot stand Barry Manilow (she loves him, nuff said) The next question is asked because my best friend and I (who died 4 years ago) used to sit around and ask "would you rather" questions for hours!!!! So given the above options, I guess I would have to pick chin teeth and I would grow my chin beard really long to cover them!!

That's all for now folks. Yes, there are a few questions left and I've saved them to do them all together on purpose. Thanks for hanging with me through my 100 posts, no matter when you joined in on my journey. Life is going pretty well right now, I am loving it. Little bit more healing every day physically. Hallelujah it's fun doing chores!!

Until next time...



Paula (SweetPea) said...

I kust replied to your email and didn't realize your DQ item is heath and butterfinger. I just mentioned my butterfinger.

You got one wild and crazy IRL friend, huh?

I love, love, love belly laughs. We had a lot of them at small group.

Heather of the EO said...

You and your blizzards. :)

I can't stand Manilow either.

And, I'm so glad you don't spend time with friends while you're taking a bath.

UL Cards Fan said...

I am with your IRL friend. I LOVE Barry Manilow!!!
Glad you are feeling good. Here is a little ditty to keep you smiling.......

Her name was LILA
She was a laptop
At the Copa Copacabana

Susan said...

Your computer's name is Lila? How fun!!

What's up with me? I haven't named my computer.

Oh, wait, a name is coming to me...

Sadie. I'll call my computer Sadie.

Sharon said...

I had a really good question for you but your IRL friend stole it lol! (Not really, I'm nowhere near that creative, but it was a fun thought)

So we're into naming pc's now, huh? Is this just for laptops or can desktops have names too?

I'll be back for the next post ;)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Great questions & answers. Yes, I have been amazed at how God is bringing people together through the internet. I have been so blessed by the ladies I've met through blogging. They have been like sunshine on a cloudy day. Thanks for being one of them!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Lovin' all the answers. If we had a girl (instead of Ellis), Lila was one of the two names we had picked out. :)


Samantha said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person out there who has actually named my laptop. Mine's name is Serena. She and I are close friends! lol

Samantha said...

Oh! And congratulations on your 100th post!!!!

Emily said...

I've been loving these question and answer things Sheryl--they're just great. I can't wait to have a real question and answer time with you soon. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

(oh and for the record, I'm not offended that my word verification is "ditsies"!)


Sharon said...

This had me laughinggggg. I love butterfingers, I always buy a bag during halloween and I eat them my selves, and I tell my hubby if you snooze you will loose.... hahahaha

I love belly laughs as well, where they come from down deep, tears and all.
Have a blessed week, so enjoyed this

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Too fun Sheryl! I am fond of Barry too...was playing his CD in my office just last week!

Congrats on your 100th post!

In His Graces~Pamela

Susan said...

Wow!!! 100 posts. Quite the milestone id say. You are too funny. I don't have a DQ near by.
Probably a good thing LOL.
In fact the nearest fast food for me is 25 and 30 min away. If I want a milk shake I have to make my own unless I'm out and about and have gone to the City (an hour away) then there is anything I could ever want and then some :o) I have my own list of things I love and burdens I carry and If I were to make a list of things I can't stand I am pretty sure Barry Manilow would be on that list LOL

Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

100 Posts - you go Sheryl!

I called my laptop 'my second child' and my son, Brandon, calls 'it' his little brother.

I am enjoying the Q\A posts.

Judy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!! I am learning so much about you from the questions and answers. I find myself smiling quite often.

kayro said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.
I was surprise to read that you love hoodies. They are my favorite outerwear. Oh and I love a butterfinger blast from sonic. Can't have them to often, my metabolism isn't as good as yours.
I've enjoyed the question and answer series.

Debra said...

You do have a very funny IRL friend! Happy 100th post, my friend.

I'm happy for your bloggy friendship! Hugs to you!

lisasmith said...


Hi! I found your blog by clicking from somewhere. Although I found you once and then lost you! I suffer from vertigo too (not as severely as you) am so glad God is blessing you on your perch and I hope to get caught up with ya. Warm blessings today, my friend!

Pam said...

just catching up on the q & a's!! love em!! I think that you came up with a great idea for you blogaversary! and I am not bored at all reading your thoughts! I am amazed at all the great questions!!

De Anna Morris said...

I love to stop by your site! Thanks for making me smile! and blessings to you...and have another Blizzard for me...DQ'a are not around here too much...too far to drive to get one...but Butterfinger is MyFavorite too!!1

Alison said...

Its my first time stopping by and I enjoyed reading!! :)

The Mole said...

Moles unite!! Fanilow's of Manilows. I knew I loved that girl. I can't even top the WYR. Good one.

Tonya said...

Sheryl, HAPPY 100th to you! Man, time flies when we're having fun doesn't it??? I know that blogging has been a great source of encouragement to me. (And I started blogging in hopes of encouraging others.. funny how that works)

I hope to see a hundred more..