Thursday, February 19, 2009

Checking In

What do people blog about when they think they should "check in" but they really don't have anything to say? Maybe I've run my course now that I've answered all your questions! Wow, is that all I had was one year's worth of blogs? Ok, I am kidding - sort of. I really feel like I don't have anything to share but that I should check in.

Thank you all so much for having fun with me through all the questions and answers. That really was enjoyable for me. Also, I wanted to tell you about sending my donation to Mossy Foot. I sent it off last Friday and as I had said previously I was going to have faith that God would provide the money. In perfect "God style"...two days after I sent that donation, I received a refund to my account for a return that I had forgotten about. It was for $3.22 more than I sent. How cool is that?

Some random updates for you. I go to the attorney in the morning to finalize some things for our legal separation. I hate all of this but know that it is necessary. I am trusting God to give wisdom and discernment. The legal separation should be final by the end of March. Hard to believe that for now our family has dissolved. Hard to trust God that He will supply all of our needs. But when there is no other option - trusting God is made that much easier. Does that make any sense? On one hand it's hard, but there's no other option. HE has never let me down. HE doesn't know how to.

The kids are doing pretty well. Counseling continues and baby steps are being taken. I love the relationship I have with both of them. One of them is making some really poor choices, but I made some of those same choices at his age. I am glad to be able to sit with him and share instead of condemning him so that he'll never come to me again. Single parenting - I think I am okay with it.

Physically I am not doing as great as I once was. But I am not bed bound and boy, that feels great! I hope to never again take the little things for granted. Spiritually I am trying to really listen to God instead of doing so much talking. I believe He is trying to tell me something and I don't want to miss it. I am doing Beth Moore's Esther study and loving it. God has a plan for each of our lives. A destiny. I sure don't want to miss mine.

Well, I just wanted to check in. Tell you again how much you all mean to me. God has placed you in my life for this season and I am so grateful. The newest verses that I am memorizing for the year are: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort that we ourselves have received from God. 2 Cor 1:3 & 4.

Thanks for showing comfort to me. I pray that I am able to bring some sense of comfort to those of you who are experiencing some kind of trouble. Again, thanks for taking this journey with me.



JMBMOMMY said...

I started Esther last night!!!

His Girl said...

your refund credit story is absolutely phenomenal!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis,
I will be keep you in prayer my friend for wisdom, and I know the Lord holds you and comforts you in all you do. I'll check back later. This year has been my year so far of being still and listening, I will love to see what the Lord will be teaching me about all of this throughout the year.

Hugz Lorie

Jenn said...

I too sometimes struggle with what to write. I try to remind myself why I started to blog and that is to write out what is in my heart. I want to be able to look back over my posts and see how I have grown and learned over the years.

Keep on writing even if it is just to check up on everyone and to give us a brief update. You inspire so many with your words!

Laura said...


I pray that the LORD would just give you the insight and wisdom that you need right now. May he comfort your heart as only he can.

I am so honored to be with you with this journey called life together.
For such a time as this....

My Army Brats and Me said...

I am glad you checked in! I will continue to pray for you:)

Your friend,

Courtney and the Boys said...

I love that verse! And thanks for checking've been in my heart lately, so it's good to hear from you.

I get so nervous thinking about my boys growing up and making the same choices I did in my youth. I can remember talking with my mom before she passed about how she got through those years with me. She told me she did a LOT of praying. I'm so glad she did. :) I'm already praying over my children for their futures. A head start can't hurt, right?

Happy Friday!


(Did you see I won another giveaway?)

UL Cards Fan said...

Dearest Sheryl,
You say more when you have nothing to say than MANY people who think they HAVE something to say! Further PROOF!!!!!

You are a great blessing to those of us who journey with you.
Praying for health and wholeness for your WHOLE family.


Judy said...

Never stop posting on your blog. I continue to learn from you and your journey. Just the fact that you continue on with joy, amazes me. Single parenting has to be difficult, and yet God must be giving you extra doses of strength to keep your good attitude. I hope that you enjoy studying Esther. I have thoroughly enjoyed every study that I did of Beth Moores. I wish you a peaceful Friday.

-stephanie- said...

God is the perfect provider at the perfect time. He has blessed you.

Kiesha said...

I"m so glad you checked in. I've been thinking about you. I hope I didn't send too much information in my email. It was just once I got started it was hard to end it. :)

Question for you: what is the difference between a legal seperation and a divorce?

It's awesome you can sit down with your son and talk to him about the things he's facing. He's lucky to have a mom he can do that with.

I will keep him in my prayers.

Kimberly said...


Still praying and believing! Love you and thank God for you all the time!


Toia said...

I am so glad that you have check in. Have a bless weekend!!

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

I will continue to be lifting you and your family up in prayer. You are so right God does have a destiny for us, it's getting there that I have a problem with, I keep getting side tracked but i know if I keep trusting Him He will get me there.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

It's good to read your update.

Yes, it makes perfect sense that it's easier trusting God when there is no other option. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I believe that is the reason for many of our trials...for us to cling to Him even rely on Him alone.

So glad many things are going well. You sound really great!!!!

I plan to start Esther on my own in the next couple soon as I get my reading list down.

nancygrayce said...

I'm praying for you in this time. Having been through divorce, I know how very hard it is no matter what the reason. I don't guess legal separation was an option for us, I don't think we thought of that....

You're very wise in the handling of your children! I wish I had had that same wisdom.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have been reading your blog for months,
but never commented.
Now that I have entered the blog world,
I realize what an encouragement comments are.
I love reading yours...and hope you will
stop by my blog when you have a chance.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


Thanks so much for stopping by......


D said...

Hang in there! Things will get better.

Debbie said...

Thanks for touring my grandsons new room. We can't wait to be able to place him in his new bed. Thanks again for all the prayers. Looks like the surgery will be a go on Tuesday. Feeling so blessed, Debbie

Ang baylis said...

Oh, Sheryl! I'm SO glad you checked in with us. Even though I have been pretty much missing in action, know that you've still been on my mind. I think the verse you chose is absolutely perfect for this season of your life. You'll be helping people and pointing them to Him when you are past this uncomfortable time. I'll keep your kids in my prayers. They'll be okay. You are a great mom. Don't ever forget that! God has everything under control. He knows the plans...
Keep trusting Him with your life and with the lives of your family!
I love you!
Angie xoxo

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Thanks for checking in. I know what you mean about trusting God because there is no other option. The reasons are different but that is the way I have felt over the last few years. May we keep trusting Him all the way.

Take care my friend! Praying for you! And I hope you get to feeling better!

The Emery's said...

I'm glad you checked in.
I love that the refund came in. Truly amazing.


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Gathering Hope said...

Thank you Sheryl-