Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From the Inside Out

So, I started a new Bible study today. Guess what we're studying? The BIBLE!! Nothing else. We are going to read through the book of Mark and just discuss. I love that. This is a first for me. I've done countless different studies. Surely I've read every page of the Bible. But I am usually reading in order to fill in a blank or to do a devotion. This time, I will read the words that God has written and just see what HE has to say to me.

Today we talked about the first two chapters. The part that made the biggest impression on me is the story about the friends who take the paralytic on his mat to see Jesus. It is a story that I am very familiar with. Maybe too familiar with and would tend to just skip right through it. Not this time. This time I read it as if I hadn't seen it before.

By the time they got to the home where Jesus was, there was no more room. Did they give up and go home? No, they climbed on the roof, dug a hole through it and lowered their friend in. They chased after Jesus, knowing that He was the answer.

When Jesus spoke to the paralytic, He told him that because of his faith his sins were forgiven! Did He not notice that the man was paralyzed? Of course, but Jesus knew what the more important healing was. Healing from the inside. Forgiveness that would lead to a relationship with the Father and eternity in heaven. HE wanted the man's soul. HE wanted to be sure that the man received the best gift possible.

As a bonus...the man was also healed of his physical limitations. AS A BONUS!! I need to really know that. It's not about our comfort. It's not about how much are we enjoying our life. It's not all about the here and now. Does God care about those things? Sure He does, but not as much as He cares about US.

I want to be like those friends. Tenacious. Willing. Full of faith.

I want to be like the paralytic. Healed from the inside out.


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Man girl, this is a good one. I want that very same thing myself. So much junk on the inside needing healing!

Thanks for this post. Kind of caught me right where I was today with feelings of total inadequacy and loneliness on the inside. Strongly dislike those days.

Praise the Lord He is so much bigger than my junk.

UL Cards Fan said...

So blessed to call you my faithful friend. I love your passionate transparency.

Farmgirl Paints said...

So good. I want to be healed from the inside out too. I love that.

I pray your journey through Mark will be life changing and that you can share with us all that you learn:)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Amen! Cleansed and healed from the inside out. Love this story! You know what I else I thought of while reading your post. The friends of the paralytic are like your friends here. We are continually lifting you up the the Healer! Love you friend!4

Susan said...

Reading the Bible just for the sake of reading the Bible.....what a concept! whooooda ever thought a that..Im like you, flipping pages to fill in the blanks. Ha

I love that story! The shear determination. Like the woman with the issue of blood.......So determined, they were going to get to Jesus one way or an other. They knew he was their only hope.

I pray you too will seek him with such determination and be healed.

christy rose said...

Great Post!
That is how God heals us, from the inside out. We prosper as our soul prospers. Amen
Thank you Jesus for healing my sick sinful heart and bringing the fullness of that healing into every area of my being.

Kim in NC said...

Love it!

Faith Imagined said...

I love this post! Thank you for this!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Once again, this visit has inspired me in a refreshing, heart blessing way. Makes me think, reflect and always thankful for you and your way of writing. Can't wait to see what ALL God has in store for your life.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sheryl
(((Hugz))) How have you been my sistah!! Wow it's been awhile huh! I just realized I didn't have your link when my computer crashed and I saw one of my old posts with your comment on it and found my way back to you. I was celebrating my 2 year blogoversary and I designed a sister for life award and I thought of you. It's on the bottom of my giveaway post. If you get a chance please drop by I would love for you to enter the giveaway as well. Let me know how you are doing, I would love to hear from you again!!

Hugz Lorie

Anonymous said...

Love this post! So true that we all need to be healed from the inside out. The things in life that truly hurt us take the longest to heal and maybe we never do heal and get over the pain. I try to think it makes us stronger but sometimes its hard to remian postitive with all that you feel has gone wrong. Great post!

Lissa said...

I LOVE this!!

Beverly said...

We did a Bible study like that years ago...worked through one book at a time. I need it again!

You have such great insight into the words that we often gloss over...thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

Oh snap! I miss Bible studies. Seriously. Dang. I am super excited for you and I hope that whole study is as great as this.

Cheri' said...

What a great post, Sheryl! I love the thought "healed from the inside out." Jesus is just so wise isn't He?! Thanks for sharing this!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Character not comfort. That's what I've heard and it's sticking with me as a reminder when I need it.

How "odd" that last Sunday 7th we start a new SS class and we are doing the same...studying Mark, strictly and straight from Mark. However, we're going slow. We did 1:1-8 last Sunday, next is 1:9-20. He's disecting it for sure.

i love your intro...doing a bible study...guess what we're studying...THE BIBLE. ya think?