Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running the Race

"Don't you trust me?"

Those are the words that God has been asking me over the past several days. Oh, how I want to just say "yes, of course, I trust you". But my actions convey the truth. Stress. Anxiety. Anger.

There are so many scriptural cliches that we throw around. "Cast all your cares on Him" or "It all works out for good" or "He knows the plans He has for you". Yeah, yeah, I know it!! But it doesn't make it any easier for me to just know it. I need to believe those things and behave like it!

What does it mean for me to cast my cares? It does not mean to approach the Lord and tell Him my problems and hope that He keeps them. It does not mean to be in denial and pretend like I have no cares. What does it mean to cast? The dictionary says it is to throw or hurl, to throw off or away. That takes a lot of action!!

I want to picture myself - my cares - and THROW THEM OFF of me!! Right into the waiting hands of God. Trusting that He will catch them. Knowing that He will catch them. When they start creeping back up (which they often do) I will forcefully throw them right back to Him.

Tired of satan trying to defeat me. God has a plan for my life. I only have one chance at this. My life is meant to have meaning. So is yours. Let's throw off all that hinders us and run this race!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A great post and one I will ponder tonight...We throw those words around so easily.....

Happy Mothers Day Week....

Laura said...


I know as you do the cliches more than I care to count. In the midst of trials and struggles that we all face I can tell you from the marrow of my being that I can always trust his heart. I don't understand alot of things happen as they do but I do know he is my peace and my sustainer.
I am so thankful for you.
I love you my friend.

Robin said...

You have no idea how much your post just made my day! Let's just say I read it just minutes after finishing doing the checkbook and then going to the basement to do laundry and finding water everywhere from the rain we just got...I was feeling a bit, I think I'll get my running shoes on instead!



UL Cards Fan said...

AMEN and AMEN. Let's not just SOUND like Christians; let's ACT like Christians.

Running right along side you. I am not as cute but my wit makes up for it!!

Much love, Linda

Sheryl said...

I so understand.

Thank you.

From my heart,


-stephanie- said...

God's Word says that we must put into practice what we have heard. It's just not going to happen overnight. Just like most everything, if we want to be good at something, we must practice.

Loved this post. Makes me think about my own casting that I need to do. And practicing.

Leslie said...


Please stop by my blog and read my Golden Heart post. There is something there for you!


Just a little something from Judy said...

I walked onto the plane today. I smiled and said hello to the pilot. I took my seat, buckled my safety belt, and picked up my book to read. It hit me at that moment..."how is it that you trust this pilot that you do not know?", "yet find it so difficult to trust Me who you do know?" One I know, love, and believe in, can sometimes be more difficult than a pilot I do not know. Keep pressing on dear friend. Just think, it WILL be worth it all!! On the journey with you.

Cheri' said...

I love this post! I just read something similar a few days ago over at Chosen. You two must be on the same page! I want you to know I admire you and am running with you in this race! I love your desire to live what you say!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Wow! What a great blog you have here!! This was a wonderful post.
The enemy does like to get his foothold in and drag us down.
May you feel great FREEDOM in HIM the rest of this week!!

Lora said...

Amen! I love the visual of throwing my cares off of me - I needed that today.

Blessings to you Sheryl.

C.C. and Double T said...

Yes, it can be so hard to trust. I've been there myself and struggled to do it. I still do struggle on a daily basis.

Keep pressing on.
I am praying for you,

Amrita said...

Lots of love to you Sheryl

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Amen....Amen...Amen...great post my friend.

I once heard a quote that said:

"change your conduct or change your name."

I believe that is what God is asking of us...... :-)

Nicole said...

God has been speaking the same thing to be. Asking me if I trust Him. I can't lie and say that I have been fully. I really need His help. Thanks for the visual of throwing my cares to him.

Love ya,

Suzanne said...

Thanks from me to for the visual! Wonderful post!

LisaShaw said...

Wow what Judy from Just a little something for you shared above is powerful and so true.

Sheryl you are on my heart dear sister. I understand your message!!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

I'm with you I want to throw my cares far away from me and never see them again. Too bad it isn't that simple. I'm praying for you my friend.

Kimberly said...


I love throwing things so I love the analogy! I love ya to pieces and pray for you always!


Gretchen said...

Preach it, Girl.

Thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog.

It's so nice to see other women who struggle and triumph. We will likely always have to contend with Satan, but we will always live in victory if that's what we choose. Thank you for being a "Paul" to me today.

Ang baylis said...

I have Jeremiah 29:11 as my Scripture memory verse. I've been trying to let them sink in my heart and not just memorize them. You are on to something! I find it's easier to trust God with the big things than the little day to day things. I think... just for today I'll trust Him. Dear Satan, Leave my girlfriend alone! You have NO place in her life! She trusts in God, not a counterfeit like you!
I love you,
Angie xoxo

Technonana said...

Keep on holding on to that nail scarred hand, precious friend!!
He does know the plans for you!!
Love you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I am always reminding myself to cast my cares! I recently posted about that too. I actually made a prayer box, so I wouldn't constantly be carrying my burdens with me. Something about actually casting my requests in a box felt like a true action and made it easier to let go and let God:)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I know what you mean about through around biblical cliches (paraphrases of the Word). We know it; we've got to believe it. This made me realize that I know it, but I struggle at times more than others with believing...believing the plans He has, believing the good He will brings (Rom 8:28)---can be hard for me...

Tea With Tiffany said...

Yes, run and enjoy the wind that blows through your hair!

Susan said...

Hey Sheryl,

Just stopping in to let you know how often I think of you and pray.

So blessed you are truly, "hanging in there".

God's grace is so evident in your life.

Sending you lots of love and a wish for a Happy Mother's Day!


JMBMOMMY said...

Throwing them off with you. Sometimes I feel as if I lean way back and give it all my might to throw it...and it lands right on top of my dang head :) But I won't stop trying to cast them AWAY!