Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Whom Much is Given...

Much is expected.

That is a loose translation from a verse in Luke 12. It's one that has been rolling around in my head the past couple days. That can only mean one thing - I am supposed to write about it. It's not the only thing repeating itself in my brain. The other is the song "Mercy Came Running". I've been waking up singing this song. So, let's see what it is that the Lord wants to teach me.

It used to be that I thought "to whom much is given, much is expected" meant money and material things. It does. But that's not where it stops. Whatever we have been given "much" of, we are expected to give out. So, what have I been given "much"?

Mercy. (hmmm?)

Those are just the first things that popped into my head. (Remember I am writing this as I type, so I have to believe that God is directing this) I have been given those things in abundance. Today I believe that it must be mercy where I am supposed to camp.

Mercy in biblical terms means not getting what you deserve. As in punishment. Death. Grace is getting something we don't deserve and mercy is not getting what we do deserve. God in all of His love and goodness has extended both to me (and to you). However, his mercy has been extended over and over and over. A long time ago I wrote a post titled Running and Chasing which shows how much I ran from the Lord. Yet...His mercy came running!!

If I have been given so much then I need to extend just as much if not more. I need to pour out all that has been given. Not just the mercy. I need to seek out those who are feeling all alone since I have been given friendship. I need to find those that aren't feeling loved and show them love. There are many who are living joyless lives while I have been given joy immeasurable.

Honestly I have no idea of the purpose of this post. It may be just for me and to remind me that God is expecting me to pour out from all the He has given. My heart races when I think that I might miss the purpose and calling for my life. I don't want to! Lord, thank you for all that you've given me. Help me to know what to do with it. Show me who needs some of the "much".


Kim in NC said...


I love that song!

Those same thoughts have been on my mind lately, too. Giving back, extending a hand to someone in need. Being the hands and feet of Christ and showing His love to others.

I am praying that God will help me to not just think about it, but get out and DO it!

You continue to be an encouragement in all that you do.

Love ya' my friend,


Faye said...

Sheryl,That song is beautiful.I loved your post.What a blessing.Please keep me in your prayers.I go back to the doctor next week! Blessings, Faye

Farmgirl Paints said...

That's exactly how I feel. I have been given sooo much. So much I don't deserve. My hearts desire is to be used by God and for His purpose for me to be fulfilled. I think he is using you mightily my friend. Your posts are an inspiration. Keep listening and be directed by Him and you are definitely on the right path.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great post. Love the "definitions" of grace and mercy. That is how I've memorized them also...grace, getting what you don't deserve, and mercy not getting what you do deserve.

Hope you find your sources of whom to give your much.

Cheri' said...

Your post is a confirmation of some things God has been dealing with me about! It's definitely time to give to others what I've had freely given to me!

I love the definitions of grace and mercy! I'm making a note of those!

Thanks once again for such insight and encouragement! You're a blessing!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

You are so right my friend! I have thought this very thing. I have been given so much in life that I have a responsibility to share with others. But I think I have difficulty with sharing mercy. Thank you for always encouraging us to do the right thing, no matter how hard it is!

Pam said...

i want to say again, that I love your new layout so much!! makes me want to get a new one too!! but that would not be very wise!! :)

I think that we can get to feeling so sorry for ourselves in the place we find ourselves that God has too keep reminding us of what we do have, dont' you? Mercy. you bet. Lord help me to be merciful.

love ya!

Jules (Sporty Mama) said...


What a wonderful post! This is just the sort of writing that would be perfect for a Christian themed magazine, like Today's Christian Woman. It is so insightful, and it made me stop and say, "wow, that's right. It's not just about material things. It is about all that we've been given" What wonderful insight.

Julie Anna

Leslie said...

You have given me something to think about! I always tend to focus on the areas where I've suffered and have made it through. To me, those are the things that God wants me to help others with. I've never really thought about the areas where I've been truly blessed as the things that I ought to be sharing.

I also love your definitions of mercy and grace! You've made them so simple to understand. Thank you for this post!

beyond this moment said...

I also love that song... and I think I may have needed this message from God too. I sometimes spend too much time focusing on what I haven't been given rather than the abundance of what *has* been given to me. I certainly forget far too often to pass my blessings on to others.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Sheryl, You will not miss the calling for your life! You know how I know that? Because Proverbs 3: 5&6 promises us that..."He will direct our path". It is a promise dependent on Him. I hang on to that every(or most every day). It brings me great comfort. You have a real grasp on the Christian life. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. You do give "much" to all of us in blogland.

lisasmith said...

I just posted on this very verse yesterday. I think God is on the move!

JMBMOMMY said...

So glad you decided to write down the things in your head today :) You encourage me to press on....and I consider it a privilege to do so as the daughter of the King of Kings!!!!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Great post!!
I love that verse. That one and the one about - one who is forgiven much, love much..
Ahh.. I love it!!

Vikki said...

You've been tagged :)

Ang baylis said...

I LOVE when God tells you what to write! You're SO generous with His gifts!
Angie xoxo

Gathering Hope said...

Perfect Sheryl...
Mercy's always running to you, me, us-
Once again, I am lifted, warmed by your words - from the mud grows beauty.


Cindy said...

To whom much mercy is given, much mercy is expected.

I believe there are many lives which cross our paths on a daily basis whom we need to extend mercy to.

I will keep this in the forfront of my thoughts this week.

Thank you, Cindy