Friday, May 9, 2008


Isn't it funny how as soon as you make a statement about being obedient to God, Satan is right there to try and trip you up. My last post was Monday and I had committed to showing kindness. Well that lasted until Thursday!! I am still committed to it, but I've got to be "prayed up" a lot more, I realize that.

I also need to focus on my relationship with Jesus and not my relationship with Don or anyone else for that matter. I need to focus on Jesus and not on getting well physically. As much I'd like to be well and have my marriage restored, the one thing I know I can count on is the love of the Lord. And I need something right now that I can count on .

God has been so good to me this past week. In so many ways. Showing me many blessings. When I saw the attorney he was absolutely wonderful but then told me it probably wouldn't be cost effective to use him because it would be $10-15,000!! So I came home and within the hour he called me back personally and said "you really need help, we want to help you and we'll figure it out". That was GOD!! I will still have to pay but for now he's taking me on as his client and we'll figure it out eventually.

I've met many new "friends" out here in bloggyland that have blessed me beyond measure. God is knitting together a community of believers to help carry each other's burdens. When I cannot pray, I know that one of you is praying for me. It is a privilege to be praying for many of you as well.

Of course, right now the biggest blessing is being a mom to my kids. They are amazing! My son is getting ready to go on a mission trip to Mexico this summer to build homes for families who have never had one. It will be so good for him to get away, focus on others and grow so much closer to God. My daughter is a constant joy. (did I say constant? well, it's almost Mother's Day, I'm allowed a bit of exaggeration) But she is a joy. They are so good to me and they really love the Lord.

And then my own mom...what a source of strength, encouragement and an example of someone sold out for Christ. I couldn't do life without her right now. She is my rock and my soft place at the same time. Happy Mother's Day, mom! (she doesn't read this, I'm just sayin')

So I commit again to show kindness. To put on the full armour of God, knowing it is only in His strength that I can fight against the enemy. I will count my blessings and not focus on the loss.

For now I focus on the blessing of each one of you. Thank YOU!!



Joanne said...

God's in this Sheryl, I can't wait to see how He shows himself faithful. Just hearing that an attorney called you back to work things out with you in regards to retaining him, is a miracle in itself.

Praise God!

Hugs, Joanne

SweetPea said...

This was a very good post. I could feel the joy of the Lord in you as I read this. How refreshing. You hit the mark for sure...take our eyes of our relationships, physical needs, wants, etc. and put ALL of our focus on Jesus ALONE and we will see miraculous things happen. I believe that is because He doesn't work until He has us where He wants us. He cannot do His work in us when our eyes are fixed on other things in this world (even though they ARE good things). He wants our eyes on Him and then....then....we'll see!!!
PS I received your email and will respond. I need to get off this computer now though.

Anonymous said...

Great post - and remember, the hardest seasons of our life almost always become the greatest testimony to the faithfulness of God.

-:-Chanin-:- said...


I'm so encouraged to read your post. It would be so easy to keep thinking about the negative things in your life- but you're choosing to concentrate on the positive :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

In Him, Chanin

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I agree that your post is very refreshing.

May you have a wonderful day celebrating being a mom.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this...your words have spoken to me this night!

His Girl said...

good girl, Sheryl. You'll reap the fruits for sure!

Fran said...

Hey Cheryl......
I'm going to get all caught up on your blog. I had no idea that you were home bound. I know that God has great big things in store for you. You can definately do mighty things....wherever you are.

Your heart is beautiful. I'm going to read "the perch" now.
Big blessings~

Pat said...

Sounds like you are staying where you need to stay....close to God, His Word, His promises and His people!!!
Keep on keeping on new blog friend! You will make it through this in that order!!

Jenny said...

Your son will really enjoy Mexico. I took the kids last May and it had a huge impact on all of us.

I think on holidays all mom's should get to stretch the good and shrink the bad! That verse, love covers a multitude of sins, is running though my mind!

DidiLyn said...

Hi Sheryl,
I'm glad you can see God work through these hard times. I'm also very sorry you are going through them.
I will visit here, and pray for you when you need me to.
Your sister in Christ,

Jenn at Casa de Castro said...

Hi Sheryl.

I came here from Meyers on the Hood. I've been reading your blog and just want you to know you and your family are in my prayers. In my current study of the book of Daniel, I am reminded again that God Most High reigns. We don't always understand His ways, but we KNOW He is always good. You said that yourself in your journal.

By way of encouragement, I'll share my family's big news. My sister's husband left her when she was pregnant with their third child. A divorce followed. HOWEVER, God is good, and they will remarry on May 30, the 27th anniversary of their first wedding. They were divorced for 17 years. Our timing is not God's timing, but in the end, restoration happened, and a family will be whole again.

Rest in the Lord and believe Him to work His will in every facet of your life.

Blessings to you.