Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is It Ash Yet?

You know, I've been thinkin'. I'm sure God told me he would bring beauty from ashes. And it struck me, that in order for there to be ashes, the whole "thing", whatever it is, has to be consumed and burned. Then you are left with ashes.

So...what still needs burning in my life? He is still refining something. I'm holding on, or unaware, or what?? What is it? Could it be pride? Lack of trust in HIM? Unbelief? An idol? Bitterness, unforgiveness, need for control? What is it? I want IT to become ash so that God can bring beauty from it.

What is it for you? Where has God said give it to me and I will bring beauty, yet you don't trust Him with it or you keep taking it back?

Never did I think I would be looking forward to seeing a pile of ashes, but bring it on Lord. Consume it ALL. I will wait expectantly for the beauty, knowing you are a promise keeper. Be gentle, but I am willing to walk through the fire with you knowing that I will come out on the other side not even smelling like smoke.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's beautiful, Sheryl. How true that is, many times God won't get to work until we let go FOR GOOD. I believe that He honors our genuine attempts to let go and let Him control, fix, work whatever it is. However, I believe most times He won't or can't begin to work until our hand is removed once and for good. I learned this lesson this past weekend. I was crushed in my heart BUT the actions that brought on the pain really made me step back and say "okay God, I get it. I have to TOTALLY let go and ALLOW YOU to work and do what YOU need to." I pray to God this determination to keep my hand OFF of this will remain that way even with time passing. I have to walk this path and KEEP HANDS OFF!

Thanks for this reminder.
You are precious to me, my friend!

Amy said...

oh boy I can really relate to this post! it just seems so hard to be constantly in that "refining process" doesn't it?

His Girl said...

oh! I love the hope I hear in your 'voice'!!! So looking forward to the ashes...

was thinking about how easy it is to keep our hands off a campfire or a fireplace fire when we are watching something be consumed- it's not even tempting to reach in with our bare hands and stir things up... that image may help me keep my hands off today ;) thanks!

Fran said...

Yep...who knew a pile of ashes could be so beautiful.

Thanks for the good word.

Lynn said...

Hi Sheryl,

Wow, this is exceptional. I is causing me to wonder what I need consumed. Really.

I will genuinely take this to the Lord in prayer. Well done. and bring it on.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Just stopping by to check on you. How are you? If you have time, stop by and check out the article I linked to for the weekend. I think you will be blessed by it.

He Knows My Name said...

hi sheryl, this is such an awesome post, i can't even begin to write. this applies to my life in so many areas right now. thank you for writing this post that God so beautifully placed on your heart. it has helped me tremendously. God Bless you dear one. i was thrilled to see you were up the other day i pray God will continue to heal. you friend ~janel

Jenn at Casa de Castro said...

Um, wow. That was powerful. Just the encouragement I needed today as I've wondered why some things in my world don't seem to be exactly where God would want them to be. I need more consumin'! Thank you for this perspective and reminder that He is still at work!

Joyful said...

Sheryl, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find you here. This is an amazing post. I hadn't thought about the fact that in order for there to be ashes, the whole "thing" has to be consumed. Powerful point.

For me, I need God to totally burn and destroy fear that so often controls my life. Longing for Him to destroy it completely, and let Him bring His beauty.

Desiring Him to consume it all,

Anonymous said...


You really have my thinking some deep thoughts with this post. I have some nagging issues that would be better served as ashes too.

I agree - Bring it on!

Denise in Texas

Vikki said...

oh yes, I so know what you are talking about. Keep trusting in Him. Keep loving Him. He loves you so much more than you know

krista lee said...

Wow! What an amazing has truly given me something to think about. What in my life still needs to be consumed and burned?!

Thanks for popping over to my blog today. I will be praying for you.