Monday, June 2, 2008

May I Have Your Attention Please...

Boy, try as I might I cannot get that theme out of my head about God consuming it all before He can bring beauty. (see previous post if you have NO idea what I'm talking about) God has brought many things to my mind that I need to bring to Him and stop working so hard to bring the beauty myself. I must give my husband and my marriage fully to the Lord. FULLY! My need for comfort has been the motivating factor behind almost every decision I've made in my life. And yet instead of comfort it has almost always brought me grief, heartache and the need to beg God's forgivenesss.

I need to give God my desire for comfort. Yuck, I don't want to. Why is that? He is the God of all comfort. I must not really trust Him. All those things that I thought would bring me comfort showed themselves as lies. They left me empty. God is waiting to fill me to the fullest measure with a comfort that will truly satisfy. Why won't I let Him? I'm sure He's wondering the same thing. Thinkin', girl, why do you think you'll be the exception to the rule and I won't come through for you?

Good question, Lord. I'm believing the lies of the evil one. As He whispers to me, "don't let go of your comfort, you can satisfy your needs, you must be in control, He'll let you down, those words in His Book are for others, if you don't keep working to make things right - who will? You don't really believe that God is going to bring beauty from ashes, do you?" Lord, forgive me. Satan is scheming and I'm afraid at times (many times) I am allowing him to win some battles. He comes to me at night, when I am most vulnerable. When my guard is down. I need to be prepared to fight him at all times. I need to KNOW who you are. BELIEVE who are you. TRUST who are. And I need to start living it.

I am engraved on the palm of your hand. I AM ENGRAVED ON THE PALM OF YOUR HAND!! Lord, I want the comfort that only you can bring. I so desire to give all my cirucmstances to you and leave them there. Remind me when I start to take things back. The heat is turning up, I feel it. More and more of the "old Sheryl" is being burned away, it's painful at times. Boy, is it ever. But you and I will have a story to tell when the season is done.

Refiner, I am in you fire, do your work.


Susan said...

To my precious Sheryl,

I'm sitting here just AMAZED at this post and your last one.

God is truly touching the deepest part of your heart and I see something very beautiful coming out of all your trials.

I'm watching you become STRONG in your greatest weakness.

Stay tender, stay open, God is speaking.

Your fellowship with HIM is so sweet right now.

I'll continue praying for you.

Thanks for being such an encouragement to me and others, even in the midst of all you are walking through.

Blessings to you my friend♥

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Sweet Sheryl,
Your heart is so good and it is in the perfect place: open the the One who can heal all, provide all, and comfort all you need. He will provide you the comfort you are seeking in Him. He never denies His children when we are seeking such things of Him. He longs for us to fully rest in Him so He will provide the guidance, comfort, and instruction for you to fully get there.

Lynn said...

Hi My Friend,

I have been meaning to write after your comment you left a few days ago. I am so so upset right along with you.

Sheryl, I have to say I just keep getting the impression there is something so very big in your future. Keep trusting and know I am praying along side of you.

KELLY said...

Praying that God grants you comfort in HIM through your obedience in sharing the deepest desires (and fears) of your heart.

Sheryl, as you know (via a few emails and comments we have shared) - I have been there....and can honestly say that God WILL be faithful to meet you at your greatest point of need!

Praying like crazy for you!

Technonana said...

Oh Sheryl, how my heart aches for you!!! I have two very precious friends who have found themselves in this place, and a sister-in-law, yeah, my brother did this to her. But I am praising God that He IS THERE WITH YOU IN THE MIDST OF THIS!!! AND NOTHING CAN OR WILL EVER TAKE YOU OUT OF HIS HAND!!! THANK YOU TOO, FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT YOU SHARED WITH MY LITTLE GIRL,(KAREN). This has been such a struggle for her that she is in therapy. YOU are in my prayers and I ask that you keep Karen in yours!!! Thanks you, again!! Sharon

Pat said...

Your honesty is so refreshing. You remind me of David as he expressed the true feelings of his heart, sometimes pretty, sometimes not. It is a sign of true faith to be transparent with God and with others. He is doing a great work in you and will surely prove Himself mighty in the fire!
Blessing to you sister,

Susanne said...

Hi Sheryl,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I just wanted you to know that this post blew me away. You are in my prayers, dear one... Keep HOLDING ON TO JESUS!! He's your anchor in the storm!!

His Girl said...

keep going, girl! you're on your way!!!!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hey Sheryl! I've missed you. :-)
I just love reading about your journey, though I hate the circumstances. Amazing what God can bring out our "burnings."

In Beth Moore's Daniel study she talks about Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (Shadrach,, Meshach, and Abednego) going into the fire. Not only did they come out whole, they didn't smell of the fire (Dan. 3:27). That's been my prayer through this time of waiting and trial as I wait for hubby to come to Christ. "Lord, I don't want to be bitter and resentful. Don't let me smell like smoke."

So can I just say, you smell good! LOL! Love ya, girl. :-)

Anonymous said...

I only read these two posts today and I must say God is truly speaking to my heart. Continue to share and allow the Lord to heal you one day at a time.


Jill said...

thank you so much for sharing all of this Sheryl.

i have begun reading your blog from the very beginning you probably already guessed with all my comments along the way LOL!

i feel like i am reading my own story...with just a few of the details changed around.

I know i am not up to where you are now in all of this, but am praying for you and will continue to do so.

you give me hope.

you give me encouragement that i am not alone, and its ok to share how it feels as we go through suffering. it hurts, it is so very painful, it can very much so appear we are all alone, and the enemy is beating us to a pulp.

yet, i along with you, believe it is all for a purpose. for a time where nothing else matters, all else fades away, and we only focus on HIM. its not easy, not at all,
but i also believe He is going to bring us beauty from our ashes.

He promises us that.
and you and I both have inside of us the hope to go on believing that.
no matter what.

love you!