Sunday, August 3, 2008

She is 13

My daughter is 13 today. And I am blessed! She was to have 25 kids here for 4 hours of fun yesterday. Being the only parent here and one who isn't well, I was just a bit concerned about getting everything done. I asked many to people to pray for me, most of them I have never officially met. Well, God showered me me so much more than I even thought to ask for. It was about as close to symptom free as I have been in the 13 months I've been sick. Thank you Jesus!

What a great time we all had. The kids were great. Ellie had a fabulous time. I enjoyed myself! And my little girl is now 13. Sure do love her. She is a joy and so much fun to be around. Boundless energy she has! She had just spent a week away at camp and came back really on fire for the Lord. She has made commitments to the Lord that are just between the two of them. I love that.

She sent a text to her dad to thank him for the birthday card and they have made tentative plans to get together this week. Again, thank you Jesus! David is now gone to the same camp to be a counselor for the week. This camp is their favorite place in the whole world to be. How did I get to be so blessed. These kids amaze me and I am so grateful! God has done a huge work in both of their lives this summer.

Still counting all the good that is coming out of the bad. There is so much. Please take the time to look around and see what God is up to. Often we get caught up in what is right in front of our faces and miss all the blessings. I have new friends, doing Bible study again, my kids are a blast, my in laws are more involved with my kids than they have ever been, opportunities to pray for others than I didn't have before, being used even in my weakness.....blessings!!

You have them too, don't miss them! Father continue to open my eyes to see you better. Forgive my unbelief and create in me a deeper faith. May your Word not be something I take for granted but plant deep within my heart. Don't waste the suffering or the tears, use them to bring life and bring it to the full!! Lovin' you Lord! You amaze me. Thanks for the blessing of being Ellie's mom. May she know you better and love you more in the next year.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

How wonderful. She is now a teen...oh now. But she sounds like a wonderful teen and wonderful daughter. It is SOOO refreshing to see young folks sold out for Jesus.

I praise Jesus with you, Sheryl, for having such a symptom-free day yesterday. You are blessed and I say that mostly because you are praising and seeing the blessings in the midst of the pain. That is a gift from God alone and it brings Him much joy for His children to praise Him in the storm. James 1:2 tells us to consider it pure joy when we face trials of many kinds. You are seeing and feeling the joy. You are obeying the Father.

You are precious!

Nicole said...

I am so happy that the you had a great day with your daughter and her friends!!! God is so good and I am rejoicing with you.


His Girl said...

rejoicing for His victory in your life :)

Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

What a wonderful day! Thank you, Jesus, for enabling sweet Sheryl to not only host a fun day for her daughter and her friends, but to be symptom-free while doing it.

Sheryl, I'm praying for David while he is at camp this week and also rejoicing with you over Ellie's commitment to the Lord.

Praying for you all daily.

A Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Ellie!

I am so happy for you Sheryl and so thankful to read of a symptom free day to celebrate the 13th birthday of your lovely girl.

So many great things are coming out of painful times and moments. May God be praised. Day-by-day, He's showing you what He's up to.

Truly happy for you and your family that is all about the Father's business.

Any plans to do another online Bible study? Promise I will be more of an active participant.

nancygrayce said...

Happy Birthday! Thanking God that you are able to look up in this trial! I have vertigo only once in a while and I know how bad it is and can't imagine having it on a regular basis.

Their grandparents will be blessed by being involved in their lives!

Amrita said...

The Loprd is good to us. His faithfulness endures forever.

Suzanne said...

25 kids! You are a brave woman Sheryl! But then I knew that. :)

So glad you guys had such a great day. Praise the Lord!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sheryl,
I'm so blessed to hear that your day went well and you felt good!! What an awesome praise report, God sure knows our heart and he is so faithful to our prayers. Please say " Happy Birthday" to Ellie for me as well. My daughter just came back from camp and has learned so much about being a blessing to others. I also rejoice to God's goodness I have been feeling better with my chronic illness I know the Lord carries me through each day just as he carries you my sister.
Hugz Lorie

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!! 13, what an age!!

PTL your strength and endurance!! getting ready for this party!

Jan are included tomorrow in our DAY of PRAYER on our blog.

Yolanda said...

Thank YOU Lord for allowing Sheryl to enjoy Ellie's precious birthday and her friends.


Kim said...

Thanks for your reminder that God is doing an amazing work in our lives even when our own situation seems overwhelming. I am sure that God sees our tears and hears our cries to Him.

Continue to trust God for your healing. He is faithful to give you what He has promised.

Amy said...

that is wonderful Sheryl. I am so glad you were able to enjoy yourself on Ellie's Birthday. Praise God for all he is doing in your life right now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie!

I am so happy that you had such a fun time at Ellie's birthday party. It is a blessing that you were feeling well enough to really enjoy yourself.

Certainly God's blessings are all around us. I am posting on the blog of a blessing right now. = D

Denise in Texas

Dancin' Wallflower said...

The happiest of birthdays I send to Ellie! And a thankful heart that He touched your body during this busy time!! I will be praying for David and Ellie during their times of decision!!
Love ya girl,
Kim (pk)

Earthmommy said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Praise God for the blessing of that celebration!!

Debbie said...

I know the joy! What a blessing the girls are! I know you are thankful, I am too. So many new things ahead for Ellie and Elizabeth, I pray for both of us Sheryl to be the Godly mothers they need to help them along the way. Thank you for posting your heart, once again. Love and Blessings, Debbie in Tennessee

Technonana said...

Oh Sweet 13!!! I love this post, proud mama!! Yes, yes, don't miss the blessing!!! OR THE MIRACLES!!!
How like our God to give you a great day with your health!!
Love you, Sweet Girl!!
Always in my prayers!!!

Mary said...

A beautiful, beautiful post!
And Happy Birthday to your teenager! I am very conscious of this age because my oldest great grandson will be thirteen in September. I find myself wondering where the years have gone.
I'm so glad that her party went well and that you did so well, also. I rejoice with you in how well your children are doing and how God is blessing your life and the lives of your children.

I pray that your children will fall in love with Jesus, over and over again!


Joanne said...

WooooooHoooooooo! You are gradually getting to that mountaintop my friend. So happy to hear that the clouds are beginning to break open and shower His light on you.

I just love your daughter's name, Ellie. SO beautiful.

Blessings, Joanne

p.s. Happy Birthday Ellie!

tiggerdaisy said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! She is growing up! Praise God she is on fire for Him!!!

I really loved your post! I'm so glad that you were able to join in on the fun of her birthday party! THANK YOU, JESUS, for that blessing! Whoo-Hoo!

Prayers and blessings,

Journey's Inn said...

I read some of your blog and so appreciate your candor about your journey right now. God is so faithful. Blessings. ~Susan

Joyfulsister said...

Hi My sister..
I just wanted to say thank you from my heart for your prayers I have an update on my blog. Thank you for your encouragement and for friendship you are truly a blessing to me.

Luv ya Lorie

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

There is so much good around us and so much of God around us if we just put our spiritual glasses on!! I am so happy you had the strength to bless your daughters 13th birthday. God is good!!
Praying for you friend!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Susan said...

Oh, what a joy to read you were feeling well enough for Ellie's party.

God is so good.

You continue to bless and inspire me Sheryl!

Just read your other post, I'll be waiting to hear how things went with your son!! YIKES...

Blessings my friend♥