Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's

April 1st? Can it be already? The kids only have 8 weeks of school left. I have "lost" almost a year of my life. But in losing that year I have gained so much! I truly believe my life will be better for having had this illness. And the lives of my children will be better. But this illness does not define me. I am kind of sick of writing about it, except that it does affect nearly every aspect of my life, so it's hard to write without including it.

The kids actually did not die at the counseling sesssion yesterday. As I knew, they actually like Laura and they really opened up. We have a LONG road ahead of us and counseling will be a crucial part of the healing, they just don't know it yet. They amaze me though, my kids. They are incredibly wise, insightful and thoughtful for being 12 and 15. Actually they are more wise, insightful and thoughtul than a lot of adults I know. Right now they need time to extend grace to their dad on their terms and we pray that they will want to meet with him and begin some healing. Don will be their dad for the rest of their lives, whether they like it or not. And their mom is still praying for full family restoration. (I know it will take a miracle, but my Father is a God of miracles. He loves to show off! And this would be a biggie.)

Ellie is going to the dentist today for a cleaning and she thinks because it is April Fool's Day that she will come out with all her teeth painted. How funny is that? I am waiting for the first prank that the kids pull on me. David is going for a haircut in a couple minutes, please don't come out with a shaved head. He has great hair!! Not all moms would approve. But I love it.

April Fool's. The dictionary says a fool is someone who lacks judgment or sense. That is not me. That will not be said of me or how I carry myself through this "separation". I will continue to pray God's healing and not believe the lies of the biggest fool! Satan, you have no place in this home. We are trusting God!


Anonymous said...


I found your blog from Nate's blog.

I went through a really serious bout of vertigo about 20 years ago. It would hit me from time to time over several months. Really bad - spinning and I couldn't even stand up let alone walk. It was awful.

I had tests including a brain mri, and all was normal.

It cleared up on it's own, but I continue (to this day) to be a bit "off balance" & I get dizzy easily. If I were to turn around quickly or put my head down & then flip it up, I would be dizzy.

I am lucky that what I have now is extremely mild compared to what you are facing. I cannot imagine having the actual vertigo every day. Yikes! That's some tough stuff you are dealing with.

Is there a cure or treatment for you besides taking something like antivert (which never helped me)?

Do you think that your husband has left because of your medical problems? If so, that's really sad for you because there is only so much you can do regarding the medical stuff. I can see, however, how having a wife who is confined to the couch due to vertigo would be tough. I guess I can see both sides and I feel bad for both of you really.

Good luck to you! I hope that your symptoms get milder with time if that is possible. Keep your faith in God's healing hand.

His Girl said...

just a note: the post I put up today, I did it before I read your entire blog. Guess God knew what He was doing when He led me here and showed me to pray, huh?

nancygrayce said...

Our God is so big....He can restore anything to anybody! My grandchildren are almost the exact ages of your children....although my granddaughter just turned 16. My son, their dad, is a drug addict and has never lived near them until this past year where he proceeded to knock himself off the pedestal they had him on. I pray unceasingly that God will change my son's heart and make him whole.