Saturday, March 29, 2008

Inspired to Find Joy

A pity party, that's what I've been having. It really has been long overdue, but it's time to stop now. It does not change my circumstances. Doesn't make my illness go away. Doesn't make Don come home. Doesn't mend the relationship between a dad and his children. So let's find the joy in the day.

The "spinning" isn't terrible today. I actually washed and dried my hair - a big feat for me. And I must say it looks pretty darn good.

David is doing "work" around the house without being asked. Another big feat - as he is 15!!!

The sun is shining brightly. We may not be away on spring break but at least we've got the sun.

I love my espressso brown laptop. Okay, that's pretty random, but if you know me and my "condition", it is huge that I have this laptop. And even more huge that it is espresso brown.

This is fun..what else...maybe I'll just write a list of things I love. How about 10 of them and then I'll call it good. Too much joy and I might make myself even sicker

1. bottled water
2. reading
3. hair product (I have very curly hair but wear it straight, love my hair product)
4. stationery
5. a new journal
6. bags, shoes, jewelery (had to lump them together or I'd be almost done)
7. my aforementioned espresso brown laptop
8. friends & family
9. my kids
10. Jesus (saved the best for last)

Okay, I am officially joy-filled. Thanks to those of you out in blog-land who inspire me to take my eyes off of myself!


Tightening the Corset Again said...

Yep. I have naturally curly hair that on humid days I have to just let do it's on thing... but I feel prettiest when I dry it and straighten it.

Were we separated at birth?

Kiesha said...

ok, totally off subject here but what hair product do you use? I have extremely curly hair and have just found a straightening(?) iron that will even straighten it a little.
And it's so thick it would take me hours to blow it straight and then use the iron. I think I'm stuck with curls forever.

P.S I can't sleep because hubby was snoring so you may get a lot of random comments, just take in to consideration when you read them that it's 1 am. :)