Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Thing

"May God’s peace be upon you, may His strength support you, may His wisdom guide you and may His resurrection hold your days and nights." These are words sent to me by my friend, Stu. What a blessing it is to have friends like Stu and Vicki who are willing to share what they have been through and let God use them in my life. I'm not sure where Don and I stand right now, at the moment it looks bleak, but it is always darkest before the dawn. I must continue to trust in a good God! I'm tired of all my postings being "down". I'm really an upbeat, positive person and I want to write about the good instead of the ugly. Well, He is making the ugly good and I know that.

What a beautiful day it is today. Sick of the snow, but spring is just around the corner. Technically, spring is already here, but you wouldn't know it by all the snow we got over the weekend. Can't wait to see the first flowers start to push the ground, showing new life. New life! We have new life already, I have new life already, now act like it!

Spring break is just around the corner (next week) According to the kids, EVERYONE, is going somewhere except for us. Wish I could go and do something fun with them. Maybe I shouldn't wish it, maybe I should pray for it. Not something exotic, just anything. At this point, they would love to just go out to a restaurant or a movie or shopping with me. We could always go "tanning" and pretend we went away. Somebody might have to carry me out of the tanning bed if I get too dizzy in there. But that's a small price to pay for beauty! No, I am not vain! A girl's gotta have somethin'.

"Forget the former things, see I am doing a new thing...I will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert" (my paraphrase from Isaiah 43)

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