Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ramblings from The Perch

Just some things I want to get written down. Went to see the counselor last Thursday. She was wonderful. I was already pretty sure she was the one that God wanted me to see but He really confirmed it for me once I was there. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm kind of a "first impression" kind of a person (that might be wrong, but that's just the way I am). She "looked" like someone I could relate to; her name is Laura (my best friend died 3 years ago and her name was Laura); she opened in prayer (she prays like me); she went to college in my the town my dad was born and raised in (and he is buried there); the list goes on and on. But then...I told her that I KNEW my marriage was going to be restored and she asked how I knew it. So I told her about the verse from from Isaiah that God had given me for my marriage about bringing beauty from ashes. I explained that I knew the verse was not referring to marriage but that when I was doing a Beth Moore study God spoke into my spirit that I was to claim that for my marriage. I looked over at Laura, my counselor, and she is fanning herself with a flier about her practice and she says she has chills. She proceeds to tell me that they have JUST finished this new flier and opens it and begins reading and there it verse...BEAUTY FROM ASHES. Thank you Jesus! You are amazing!

Things are still the same around home. Don is still gone. My symptoms are still the same. But God is good and I know it. I just spent a couple of days with my sister-in-law visiting me. Which never would have happened if I wasn't sick and if I wasn't separated. God is using the "yuck" to bring about "good". I will pray more specifically for their family now. Should have been praying more anyway but I get so caught up in myself.

Can I think of something just fun to write about. David's teeth look amazing. He is so proud to have his braces off. He is working hard to raise money for his mission trip to Mexico this summer and is well on his way. I pray that it will be a life changing experience for him. How could it not be. It will also give him time to spend with some quality guys and men who can begin pouring into him and building him up to remind him of all that he is all that God has planned for him. Ellie is also doing great. She really loves the Lord and desires to do the right thing. I pray that that they will both come around to forgive their dad and see him as a man that needs a savior. They need a father and their father needs a Father!

Tomorrow is Easter. I have not spent an Easter without my husband in seventeen years. What will be more strange is not being in church because of the illness. But Christ will meet me where I am. Wherever I am. HE IS RISEN! (I always thought that was so hokey and I just wrote it, who am I becoming...)

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Anonymous said...

oh. my. word.!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have tears in my eyes reading this post, and hearing about you sharing with the counselor, and the very verse HE gave you to hold onto through all of this!!!
and its the very verse on the flier.


i LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!