Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trading Places

I've been telling God I'd do anything to get well and then I read this. Go there check it out! Right now. I don't even know how I first got there. (well sure I do, God led me there). It's all about the journey of an amazing young couple. As I am typing this (Wed, March 12, 7:30 EST) David is getting ready to go into surgery. Cancer has returned to ravage his body for the second time. He is 32. They do not know the outcome. I mean, they do not know what he will or will not come out with. His precious wife, Christin has said a couple of times...he's only 32 not 82. (he may come out with 2 bags)

Over the past 9 months I have felt 82 because of my physical limitations in not being able to leave the house easily. I don't know...if I had a bag and I had my balance? If I had no hearing but I had my balance? If I had no friends but had my balance? If I had cancer but had my balance? Would I have a life because I could go out into the world and enjoy it?

Well that's not my life. Can't trade places. Wouldn't trade places. This is what God gave me. And for some very bizarre reason cancer is what God gave to David and Christin (twice). Father I am praying for them right now like I know them. I am begging for a miracle. May your hands be the hands that guide the surgeons today. May your wisdom be within their minds before they make ANY decision. May your arms be felt around Christin and each member of that family. May your will and your peace prevail. We don't know your ways Lord. Help us to trust!

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ckuretich said...

sheryl - I am just seeing your site, my apologies for not seeking it out sooner. (it's very pretty, by the way! love the background). This post just broke my heart. I know it breaks yours, too. This is a lot of what goes through my mind as well. I would like to know what you're going through physically too. Is it an issue with vertigo or something? I know that is just torturous, honestly. I knew someone with vertigo and it was just horrible. physically and mentally. Regardless, it sounds like you have a challenge. and you're right, we can't trade. sometimes I look around and wish I could trade. But that's not how it works. I think my bright hope comes from trusting that one day - I won't WANT to trade. With anyone. I will be beyond grateful for exactly what I have. and I think you will be too. The Lord will show us, and His plans are perfect, regardless.